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bojaSBoja is an international company that provides Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) IT solutions for enterprises and industries in particular for supply chain, production and logistics systems. We are a solutions provider to organize, plan and optimize company operations. Our solutions are consulting, software applications and project development and implementation.

We have knowledge of management science, manufacturing science and technology. The Boja team has more than 20 years of world-wide experience in both process and discrete industries, and in particular in micro-electronics and related sectors.

Boja works in partnership with the company MangoGem to offer a wide variety of competences to customers throughout Europe, and also in the USA and in Southeast Asia. Boja also partners with the belgian company De Clerq Solutions. Boja further develops, implements and supports as exclusive value added distributer, the Objective Matisse framework. Objective MaTISSe is a complete framework, a set of Advanced Planning Systems (APS), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Simulation and Scheduling applications.

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