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  • Our Solutions
    Our Solutions

    We provide the best solutions to manage, plan and improve manufacturing and logistics. Boja Systems is VAR of MangoGem for the ORITAMES APS.


    ORITAMES is a Multicriteria Scheduler suitable for a wide variety of applications, industries and organizations like manufacturing companies, project and staff planning and software development

  • Dynamic Capacity Planning
    Dynamic Capacity Planning

    DCP is MaTISSe's capacity planning component. It offers you the power to calculate your actual available capacity and shows you how to get more return from your operations

  • Enterprise Capacity Planning
    Enterprise Capacity Planning

    MaTISSe Enterprise Capacity Planning (eCp) introduces improved and flexible supply chain planning and forecasting functionality at the enterprise or organization level

MaTISSe Gold

MaTISSe GOLD is an object-oriented manufacturing framework implementation. The system enables easy integration of systems from different vendors and consists of a framework infrastructure with services and a palette of components for Supply Chain Planning & Execution, Advanced Planning & Scheduling and Manufacturing Execution.

Manufacturing Toolset with Integration and Synchronization of Services

frameworkThe system uses intelligent strategies to reduce cycle times, increase delivery on time, enhance resource utilization and reduce work in progress. It provides real-time information for better production monitoring, scheduling and planning, thus leading to improved customer satisfaction and considerable competitive advantages. Thanks to its open system architecture MaTISSe seamlessly integrates with your existing CIM environment and allows integration of multi-vendor best-of-breed applications. That way your current MES can be easily extended with added value MaTISSe components for e.g. planning, scheduling and manufacturing reporting. Additionally the MaTISSe manufacturing reporting provides improved insight in your production, acting as the link between the work floor, planning and management.

MaTISSe GOLD is particularly well fit for companies that have:

checkDiscrete parts manufacturing

checkWith complex routings 

checkIn a dynamic environment

checkWith very diverse requirements and constraints

checkWith make-to-order 

checkWith capital or labor intensive production


For companies with legacy Manufacturing Execution Systems, MaTISSe GOLD provides smooth migration to a low COO state-of-the-art MES with lot and machine tracking, Engineering Data Collection and Advanced Planning and Scheduling. Recent studies have shown that systems like MaTISSe can reduce cycle times by 45% and lead to data entry time and paperwork reductions of 75%. Together with improved product yields and significantly less WIP, the return on investment becomes less than two years


ORITAMES is an all purpose heuristic scheduler that can be applied to a wide variety of situations.




Schedules according to several criteria at the same time
Considers task, time and resource constraints
Schedules for multiple projects with resources sharing


Produces a set of Pareto-optimal feasible solutions
Computes individual schedules of tasks and resources
Combines analytical and heuristic search methods

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Manufacturing for industries in all areas
Project and staff planning
Construction and engineering Projects



MaTISSe is an object-oriented Advanced Planning & Scheduling framework and a Manufacturing Execution System framework.


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Dynamic and Enterprise Capacity Planning
Simulation & Scheduling
Manufacturing Execution Systems


Reduce cycle times and work in progress
Increase delivery on time
Enhance resource utilization


With discrte parts manufacturing
With complex routings and make to order production
With very diverse requirements and constraint


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